Practical machine design

Mitech Systems has provided innovative mechanical engineering and machine design services to a wide range of clients and industries for over 21 years. We specialize in nuts-and-bolts practical machine design on projects that often have a new and/or innovative aspect. We’ve taken staff experience working in the equipment development arm of a large R&D firm and adapted it to create a responsive, applications-oriented mechanical engineering business. With our understanding of solid machine design principles and techniques, we make regular contributions across a wide range of technology areas. With a broad experience base, we bring in a new perspective. This perspective, combined with our client’s own specialized and detailed understanding, regularly results in a highly productive collaboration.

State of the art design tools

Lift link stress analysis

At Mitech, state-of-the-art mechanical engineering design and analysis tools provided by SolidWorks® and Creo® are used, allowing us to understand and quantify design parameters and easily communicate options throughout the design process. With our in-house prototyping capabilities, we can produce demonstration models and perform proof-of-concept testing, as well as do limited run production of finished designs. On-going relationships with multiple machine shops and fabricators support larger, more involved projects. Our past experience ranges from initial concept generation to turn-key installations.