Dynamic positioning thruster

Dynamic positioning thruster

This project consisted of redesign and retrofit of a fluid swivel and top-end hinge support for a pair of 500-hp omni-directional ship’s thrusters. The thrusters were used for dynamic positioning of a 185′ research vessel. The fluid swivel supported 6000 psi hydraulic pressure and included a pair of 2-inch primary flow ports plus case return and position feedback sensor.

Hydraulic power unit

Marine hydraulic power unit

This 120-hp, 5000-psi, variable-flow marine HPU is designed to power a pair of 50-hp dynamic positioning thrusters as well as other auxiliary hydraulic requirements. Pump output control is integrated with the vessel navigation control system. The unit was designed for air transport.

Hydraulic thruster

Outboard hydraulic thruster

These 50-hp, 5000-psi hydraulic thrusters were custom designed for on-water propulsion and dynamic positioning of an amphibious aircraft. They provide 360° continuous azimuth capability with heading feedback for integration with the satellite navigation system. Special features support manual through-hatch deployment and attachment.

Magnet dispenser/feeder

This device is designed to dispense high strength magnets used in the assembly of OEM automotive components. The Dispenser reliably separates individual magnets from a stack and presents them for ready access by the machine operator. The design virtually eliminates jamming and misfeeds common to the hardware it was designed to replace. A locking magazine supports material tracking and control requirements.

Magnet dispenser

Magnet dispenser detail