Hydronic heat distribution systems

Hydronic heat distribution

Designed, built, and operated multiple heat distribution systems based on a high efficiency, multi-fueled, biomass burner with thermal storage. Systems included hot water distribution loops for multiple buildings, multiple heat zones, domestic hot water, radiant floor, and fan coil units.

Hydronic heat distribution schematic

Lead Edge Sheet Feeder

Lead Edge Sheet FeederThis custom designed and built lead-edge feeder is one of a number of machines designed and built to provide accurate dispensing of die-cut blanks in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials. Bottom stack feeding supports on-the-fly refilling. A configurable suction head supports a wide range of blank weights with reliable dispensing of hard-to-feed materials.

Magnet dispenser/feeder

This device is designed to dispense high strength magnets used in the assembly of OEM automotive components. The Dispenser reliably separates individual magnets from a stack and presents them for ready access by the machine operator. The design virtually eliminates jamming and misfeeds common to the hardware it was designed to replace. A locking magazine supports material tracking and control requirements.

Magnet dispenser

Magnet dispenser detail

Multi-Size Box Folding Machine

Multi-Size Folding Machine

Designed a machine to fold flat, die-cut box blanks and dispense onto a multi-directional kitting line conveyor. Flat box blanks are loaded into the machine using wheeled magazines configurable for four box sizes. The box size is detected based on blank size and the folding mechanism automatically adjusted to match the box size. The design provides the ability to quickly change box sizes without requiring operator reconfiguration or adjustment by maintenance or set-up personnel.

Oven lift system

Oven lift systemOven lift system model

This transport rack lift system with modified transport racks is used in an air-filled 1000 °F bake oven as part of an abrasive manufacturing process. This novel design provides a rugged, abrasive-dust-tolerant mechanism, while eliminating exposure of sensitive components to the high-temperature oxidizing environment. The project included design, fabrication, and installation in multiple bake ovens.