The development process

The key to success of any project is good communication and a common understanding of project goals. Developing this common understanding may be as simple as a kick-off meeting with operators and maintenance personnel, or as involved as day-to-day collaboration as part of a development team. Our clients bring to the table specialized knowledge and experience which, when pooled with our expertise in development and design, results in an approach custom tailored to the specific requirements of the project.

As part of any project, special care is taken to understand the project constraints, including:

  • Schedule
  • Cost limitations
  • Operator and maintenance personnel skills and experience
  • Maintenance and service life requirements
  • Environment: materials, finishes, hazards, corrosion
  • Installation limitations: time, access, resources
  • Available manufacturing methods and resources.

Advanced 3-D modeling and design packages (SolidWorks® and ProEngineer®) are extremely useful in creating “virtual prototypes” used for initial concept development  and communication, as well as detailed analysis and optimization. Proper model development feeds directly into machining and production and can assure that the design “fits together” when completed. Past design experience dictates the proper balance of approach and most effective use of the available tools.

Contracting considerations

Every project has unique requirements and challenges, demanding a flexible and adaptive approach. Many clients choose to hire Mitech on a time-and-materials basis when projects are of a developmental nature, or when a quick response to small or evolving tasks is required. In cases where requirements are clearly defined, a fixed-price agreement can be used.

Most projects Mitech undertakes involve use of or result in intellectual property or proprietary information. Protection of such information is key to maintaining a competitive advantage for both our client’s business and our own. We regularly work with non-disclosure agreements in place and understand and respect the importance of protecting this information.